Blue Mussels

Blue Mussels Sourced from Kinkawooka Shellfish. Established in 1976, Kinkawooka is an owner-operated company located in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Kinkawooka prides itself in maintaining [...]


Hand dived live scallops from Port Phillip Bay. An Australian owned and operated local company. They pride themselves on providing superior live scallops, which are sourced in an environmentally [...]

Signature Oysters

Oysters Sourced from Signature Oysters. Signature Oysters are Australia’s leading hub for high quality oysters direct from farmer to restaurant. They use the Royal Agriculture Society oyster [...]


Pipis Sourced from Goolwa Pipco, South Australia’s Coorong National Park. Harvested with barefoot, brooms and brawn from remote, pristine beaches in South Australia’s Coorong National Park, these [...]

Diamond Shell Clam

Diamond Shell Clam. Sourced form Cloudy Bay Clams, New Zealand. Cloudy Bay Clams are pioneers in the industry of harvesting surf clams along the coast of New Zealand. Cloudy Bay Clam's have [...]

New Zealand Hake

New Zealand Hake. Our Hake is sourced from the MSC certified New Zealand Hake Fishery. New Zealand hake is harvested mainly by trawl (250 - 800mm) from the South Island, off the east and west [...]

New Zealand Hoki MSC

New Zealand Hoki MSC. Our NZ Hoki is sourced from MSC certified New Zealand EEZ Hoki Fishery. Hoki is one of New Zealand’s most commercially important deepwater fisheries. Hoki are caught by [...]

New Zealand Arrow Squid

New Zealand Arrow Squid. Our arrow squid is sourced from the New Zealand Squid Fishery. Arrow squid are a group distinguished by short arrow-like tail fins. They tend to concentrate in areas of [...]