Wild caught Alaskan Salmon sustainably certified by the MSC at Fish & Co.

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At fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe in Annandale we believe in providing something more to our customers. Not just some great tasting food that people are chattering about, but help and inspiration as to how to be more sustainable when it comes to the seafood that we eat and enjoy. There is plenty of salmon available for the Australian diner, so why get some from such a long way away. Alaska is not exactly close by. In a recent article the reviewer raved about other things on the menu but said ” I can get salmon on any menu”. Yes this is true but at a cost and not like the fish that we are using at Fish & Co, where all our fish is wild caught from sustainable sauces. Most of the salmon available to the Australian consumer is farmed. To produce 1kg of farmed salmon of whatever quality and worthy farm assured provenance takes roughly 4kg of wild fish that has been harvested from the sea and made into feed. That feed that has been taken from the oceans is then not available for the wild fish that also need it. With this small fact alone suddenly the farmed salmon that is so readily available does not sound very sustainable. When I was researching my book Fish Tales- Stories and recipes from sustainable fisheries around the worldone of the fisherman said

If you look after the oceans and the marine environments, then the fish will do the rest for you for nothing.

The wild caught Alaskan salmon that we are using is certified as being fully sustainable from the Marine Stewardship council. The MSC works as a third party audit to guarantee that a wild fishery anywhere in the world is fully sustainable. Alaskan salmon is of the Pacific salmon species. The fish only spawn once in their lives and then they die, and become food for the bears that you see on National Geographic channel.
Wild Atlantic salmon have a different genetic make up and they run the rivers and spawn and return to the sea numerous times in their life cycle.

Because Alaskan salmon only spawn once, the salmon fisheries have been very well managed for many years, in a uniquely sustainable way.
The Alaskan salmon fisheries were one of the first fisheries to become MSC certified as it proved what had been practised for generations that they were fishing sustainably. Many of the fisheries are run by Inuit Indians in the same way that they have been fishing for scores of generations. What makes the Alaskan salmon fisheries sustainable is that the majority of the stock is not caught, instead it is allowed to run the rivers so that the fish are allowed to spawn creating the next batch of stock. The fisheries are never overfished as such a large percentage are not targeted. Because the Alaskan salmon season is quite short, much of the fish is frozen to guarantee product all year round. By freezing the fish it is then able to be shipped rather than air freighted. This process in turn means that there is a much lower carbon footprint and less of an environmental impact for the production of the salmon. The fish is wild, sustainably caught and shipped rather than being flown in. All of these things add up to a very sustainable product, and that is why we have it on the menu at Fish & Co.

Come and try the Wild caught Alaskan salmon at Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe in Annandale.
The fish is delicious, full of flavour and really juicy. As a portion it is has the highest count of Omega 3 oils of any fish and is way ahead on the scale from any other fish. The Pacific salmon eat a large amount of prawns, shrimp and other shellfish which creates the bright orange/pink colour.
At Fish & Co we now have Sustainably caught Alaskan wild salmon on the menu every night as one of the specials. In the last week it has been served with a tamarind caramel with a mixed Asian herb and cashew nut salad. With an Aubergine, red pepper and caper caponarta. The salmon fillet has been served with layered potatoes and mushrooms and salsa verde and a soba noodle salad with pickled cucumber. What ever the style of cooking or choice of dressing or garnish the Sustainable wild caught Alaskan salmon is the king. Come and try it at Fish & Co.
Best wishes from Tom Kime and all the staff at Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe in Annandale

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