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Aussies just love a prawn! Each year, we consume more prawns than any other seafood. We just love how damn delicious and healthy they are. But, did you know that not all prawns are created equal?

When you’re buying raw prawns from a fishmonger or supermarket you’re able to check the labelling and decide between Wild Caught Australian Prawns, Farmed Australian Prawns or Farmed Imported Prawns. But, what about when your eating sushi, prawns at a restaurant or fish & chip shop or on a pizza. Do you know where those prawns are from? If it’s not blatantly clear then chances are the prawns are imported.

Australia imports farmed prawns from China, Vietnam and Thailand as they are extremely cheap. They are used in the food industry as fillings in sushi rolls , as pizza toppings, in prawn dumplings and at fish & chip shops. These imported prawns offer a fantastic profit margin for the shop owner, but here’s why they are not so great for you or the environment.

Imported Prawns Commonly Known As Vannamei

Vannamei prawns are native to the Pacific coast of Latin America, from Peru to Mexico however they have become the major farmed species across Asia due to their resilience to high density stocking and high productivity. They are farmed under intensive systems which often require the use of chemicals and antibiotics and may release large quantities of polluted water back into the ecosystem. Vannamei prawn farming is associated with destruction of mangrove forests and land degradation, introduction of non-native species, and spread of disease to the wild. Intensive prawn farming also requires more feed input than extensive systems. There are serious concerns about human rights abuse in the processing and farming sectors and especially the fisheries that provide feed.

Many of these overseas farms do not have high environmental standards and may also use antibiotics to prevent disease. You probably don’t even know that you’re eating imported prawns containing chemicals and antibiotics when enjoying a pizza or sushi roll.

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