Is There a Bachelor Oyster Farmer?

Well….I’m sure there must be. I’d have to ask around.

The one thing I know for sure is that the oysters we get from all these passionate oyster farmers are delicious! They are world class oysters of amazing diversity. Wild and fresh!

We source our oysters from Signature Oysters – which is Australia’s leading hub for the highest quality oysters sourced directly from farms located in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and South East Queensland to Fish & Co.

Signature Oysters founder, Ewan Mc Ash has strived to:

“give passionate farmers access to customers who happily pay a little more for their oysters. Getting that bit more money for their oysters gives farmers the confidence to invest back in the farm”.

This means our Aussie oyster farmers benefit and so do you! Each time you visit Fish & Co, you’re able to taste oysters from different farmers and experience the varied oyster profiles both in appearance and taste due to the differing environments and growing techniques that have been used.

Who will love a Signature Oyster?
Anyone who loves a world class freshly shucked oyster and wants to know its story!

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