Is it actually this close to Christmas?

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Overnight shopping centres have sprouted Christmas decorations and you’re suddenly realising Christmas is just around the corner. If it’s your turn to host the lunch or dinner this year, you’re probably starting to think (panic) about the menu.

Here’s a tip; keep the emphasis on seafood (surprise, surprise) as much of the preparation can be done in advance. You can create an entire decadent seafood platter all with pre-cooked seafood.
Winning! Stress-free day.

How do you organise which Christmas seafood to buy and from where?

Skip the crazy Fish Market pre-Christmas trade and severe traffic jams, by ordering online from our shop. We have everything you need plus more.

Sit back and relax by Pre-Ordering Online from Fish & Co.

Avoid the queues and enjoy knowing that by purchasing seafood from Fish & Co. you are rewarding fisherman and fisheries that are 100% committed to sustainable fishing practices.


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