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Sustainable Stories No 6. Sadhana Kitchen – Sydney’s first organic, plant-based whole-foods

At Fish & Co we are dedicated to sustainability not only for seafood but also in business. We thought it would be interesting to share a little background on our sustainable partners so you could get to know a little more about the people and their businesses that makes it all possible for us to deliver our delicious sustainable experience here at Fish & Co.
We would love to hear what you think or on ways we can improve on connecting sustainable stories?

Sadhana Kitchen - organic, plant-based wholefoods cafe

Your Name   Maz Valcorza

Where do you live?

Alexandria, NSW

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Maz and I am the founder and director of Sadhana Kitchen. Sydney’s first organic, plant-based wholefoods cafe. I love star wars, dogs and yoga.

Tell us about your business:

Sādhanā (pronounced Sah-da-nah) is a sankrit term that translates into “conscious spiritual practice” (Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti Yoga). Your Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice, your ritual, what you do consistently and consciously to enliven your everyday.

At Sadhana Kitchen, we are passionate about our Sadhana, and believe that what we put into our bodies every day significantly affects our own vitality as well as that of our environment. We hope to share how eating ethical, healthy and delicious food allows us to connect to our personal wisdom. We trust that we already inherently know what is good for us, and that our body has the innate ability to heal itself. As Jedi master Yoda says:

“already know you that which you need…”

Eating kindly and consciously unlocks the doors to an abundance of sustainable health and happiness for all beings, our environment and our world.

Sadhana Kitchen provides delicious and nutritious living foods and wholefoods made from fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients. We support our local growers and use produce from our own organic garden wherever possible and strive to provide you with the fuel you need to enliven everyday.

What are your longer term goals for the business?

We would love Sadhana Kitchen to be able to provide delicious, conscious and sustainable food long into the future. We hope to open a few more locations and release another book.

Who are your customers?

Anyone! We get people from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds. People are usually curious and want to give raw food a go. We also get people who have specific diets that we cater for because we are automatically plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar free.

What does ʻsustainabilityʼ mean to your business?

At Sadhana Kitchen sustainability means making conscious decisions. It means looking after ourselves, other beings and our planet by reducing waste, buying local when we can and using only organic plant-based wholefoods in our menu items. We have initiatives like providing a 10% discount when customer’s bring their own re-useable takeaway containers and we compost our organic waste.

What is your businesses biggest achievement?

Serving as many people in our community as we do on a daily basis and making raw foods so accessible.

If you could chose, what would be your last meal and with who (dead or alive)?

I really can’t answer these kinds of questions. There are so many people I’d like to eat with and I usually can’t make up my mind about what i’ll be eating for each meal let alone my last meal! I would say it would be someone I love and something from Sadhana Kitchen 🙂

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