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Sustainable Stories No 8. Katie Swift Cordials – Made by hand, in small batches.

At Fish & Co we are dedicated to sustainability not only for seafood but also in business. We thought it would be interesting to share a little background on our sustainable partners so you could get to know a little more about the people and their businesses that makes it all possible for us to deliver our delicious sustainable experience here at Fish & Co.
We would love to hear what you think or on ways we can improve on connecting sustainable stories?


Your Name  Katie SwiftKatie Swift Cordials - Sustainable Stories

Where do you live?

Avalon, on Sydney’s northern beaches

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My food career started with Margaret Fulton in the test kitchen of Woman’s Day Magazine. Margaret was a wonderful teacher. She gave us a strong grounding in the ‘right way’ to approach food. To use the freshest produce we could source and to prepare it with respect and joy. To show our readers how to make delicious meals every day, which did not need to be time consuming, difficult or expensive.

I believe strongly that the food we eat has to be sustainably, and very importantly humanely produced. I am drawn to Fish and Co’s business model because it applies to the sea, the principles that Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard of Feather and Bone apply to protein from the land.

Tell us about your business:

Katie Swift Cordials are made by hand, in small batches. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The original recipe for Lemon cordial came from my aunt, who was a fabulous cook in country New Zealand. From the original recipe there are now ten flavours.

I love the ‘process’ of my business. The contact I have with my fruit growers, driving to Middle Dural for lemons from Len and Dawn , to Somersby for limes and tangelos from Wayne and further afield for grapefruit and blood oranges.

The making of the cordial is calming and satisfying. Watching a few simple ingredients transforming into something completely different always makes me happy.

And then, I just love delivery day when I have a chance to see so many fabulous people , that without the cordial, would not be a part of my life.

What are your longer term goals for the business?

The business started four years ago. It has been growing slowly but steadily, and I would like it to keep growing, with more outlets In Sydney and also rural areas. I would also like to expand the cocktail application of the cordial into bars.

Who are your customers?

My customers are cafes and restaurants where the cordial is used as a soft drink with sparkling water, or as a base for cocktails.

The cordial is also sold by the bottle in home and kitchenware shops. My very first outlet was Cornersmith in Marrickville. Cornersmith has a complete commitment to sustainability and a lot of my outlets share this philosophy.

What does ʻsustainabilityʼ mean to your business?

Sustainability in my business means sourcing form local growers.
In most cases picking the fruit myself.
Using Australian ingredients as far as possible.
Using only natural ingredients.

What is your businesses biggest achievement?

Just getting it off the ground at the moment!Katie Swift Cordials - Sustainable Stories

If you could chose, what would be your last meal and with who (dead or alive)?

A recipe I have adapted from a Karen Martini recipe in SMH a few years ago.
Spatchcock with rose water , Ras El Hanout, toasted almonds , currants and heaps of coriander and mint.
My dining companions would be my husband, my mother, children , sons in law, grandchildren plus assorted cousins , their children and grandchildren … You did ask!

Your Website: Katie Swift Cordials

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