Bulk Whole Sides (frozen) Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon 9.2 Kg Approx.


Whole sides of Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon available frozen in 9kg boxes.

Pick up in store at Fish & co – Tramsheds for a single 9kg box purchase. Be sure to fill in your pick up date on the form.

Order a minimum of 2 x 9kg boxes for free delivery to any major Australian airport.

For airport deliveries you will be contacted to confirm all details prior to your order leaving Sydney.

Please fill in all the details on the order form and contact the restaurant on 02 9518 6868 if you have any questions.


At Fish & Co. we believe WILD IS BEST! Taste the difference of wild caught Alaskan salmon fillets.


Wild salmon is caught in the wild, in its natural environments; oceans, rivers and lakes and feeds on a natural diet. It has an omega 3 oil count 40% higher than any other wild fish and has its deep red/orange colour due to a natural diet rich in prawns and shellfish.

All salmon raised in Australia is farmed. Whilst Australia has very high standards for aquaculture practises, we believe wild is best and that’s why we source our salmon from Alaska.

The Alaskan and Canadian Salmon fisheries are some of the best managed and most sustainable in the world. Pacific salmon spawn only once and then they die. 50% of the wild salmon stock is allowed to run the great rivers of this region to spawn. So from the outset a smaller percentage of wild salmon is targeted for catch each year with a guarantee of stock for the years to come. There are very few fisheries around the world that can say that they are under fishing a species by 50%.

Alaskan and Canadian wild caught Sockeye Salmon is in a supreme league of its own!


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