Raw Wild Caught Banana Prawns

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1kg frozen

These wild caught prawns are snap frozen immediately after being caught. By using temperatures of –40 degrees the flavour and freshness is locked in. Unlike traditionally frozen foods, snap frozen prawns thaw in just a matter of minutes.

They can be stored in your freezer safely for up to 12 months.Grab a kilo pack, put it in the freezer.

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Nothing compares to the cleanest, green seas and untouched wild river systems of the Gulf of Carpentaria and Great Barrier Reef that are the nursery ground of wild prawns. Fishing seasons are restricted to only six months of the year to protect spawning stocks, allowing prawns to roam free foraging the ocean until they are able to be harvested.

1 review for Raw Wild Caught Banana Prawns

  1. Helen Elliott

    Best prawns I’ve ever eaten! I must admit, I was sceptical on how much different sustainable prawns would be to regular prawns but the difference is massive. It’ll be hard to go back to regular ones now!

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