Cedar Grilling Planks Small Twin Pack


Planks are 13 x 28cm

The spicy and fragrant smoke of Cedar is full-bodied and aromatic. Cedar planked salmon is a classic preparation originating from the Pacific Northwest. The fusion between cedar and salmon is truly magic.

Pairings: Salmon, trout, pork chops, poultry, soft cheese such as Camembert & Brie, mushrooms, tofu and vegetables

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Plank cooking is a healthy, fun and delicious method of BBQ cooking. We recommend using your grilling plank on the BBQ for optimal smoke flavoured results.

Note that cooking with planks is not an exact science. Each plank is a unique product of nature. Reaction to heat can vary. Don’t be alarmed if your plank bows as it begins to smoulder. Should the plank ignite, control excessive flames by dousing down with water from a spray bottle.

To avoid risk of fire, never leave a cooking plank unattended.

SOAK BBQ grill plank in water for at least 1- 2 hours. A longer soak reduces the chance of flare-ups and creates more steam to carry the flavour of the wood into your food. Make sure the BBQ grill plank is completely submerged when soaking.

For something a bit more adventurous, soak your planks in wine, beer, juice or stock.
PREHEAT BBQ to a medium heat of 180°- 200°C
PREPARE food and place on soaked plank. Place loaded plank on BBQ grill plate – NOT ON THE HOT PLATE.

Close the BBQ lid and allow food to cook / smoke. Flipping is NOT required nor encouraged – plenty of heat is conducted by the wood fto complete the cooking process.
Cook until food is done to your specifications. Have a spray bottle of water ready for flare-ups.

EAT deliciously moist food with a natural, subtle smoke infused flavour.


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