Eating fish better for your health, and with a clean conscience

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At Fish & Co. we aim to keep things simple and provide some important information about sustainable fish and seafood.

We are creatures of habit when it comes to buying fish and an easy way to take the pressure on the most popular species to look at using some delicious alternatives which are not on any environmental watch list. Our wild caught market fish of the day always makes use of alternative species such as Gurnard.

Gurnard are proving very popular in our retail section. For years they were thrown back or used as bait for fisherman but people have now realised that they make great eating. Gurnards firm flesh lends itself well to one-pot dishes as is able to stand up to long cooking times – the perfect fish to use in these Winter months!

Eat oily fish.  Oily fish are good for us in lots of ways.  They are not just full of Omega 3 Oily fish are also a much more sustainable variety of fish to select.  Try our smoked Mackerel and Sardines from Harris Smokehouse.

Squid and cuttlefish are fast to reproduce and so make a much more sustainable seafood option. They are caught during the night which results in zero by catch.

Look out for the internationally respected eco label – MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) when purchasing seafood from the major supermarkets

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