Macruronus Novaezlandiae

New Zealand Hoki was the world’s first large whitefish stock to receive the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Eco label and the first fish certified as sustainable, in March 2001.

New Zealand Hoki are long sleek fish that grow up to 1.3 metres in length and are found in depths of 10-1000 metres. These deep water hunters have a large mouth with sharp pointed teeth, used for catching crustaceans, squid, and lantern fish.

The meat is delicate, succulent, and white with a medium flake when cooked. It responds well to direct heat such as grilling or frying. For this reason, we at Fish & Co. use Hoki fillet for our fish and chips.

We make a well seasoned beer batter with the addition of a delicious secret ingredient. Try some beer battered fish and chips, and try to guess what makes it taste so good. The fish and chips are served with our increasingly popular fresh house made chilli jam and tartare sauce.

Fish & Co. are serving addictive chilli jam and excellent house made tartare sauce, quote from SMH Spectrum.

Both these condiments are sold by the jar, and available at the counter.

At Fish & Co. we have been billed as the place to come for kids who do not like fish.

Praising the Hoki in the SMH Spectrum January 2011 – its not too fishy – I don’t like fish when it is too fishy.


The New Zealand Hoki is a very versatile white meat fish so at Fish & Co. we also use the Hoki fillet as one of the fish in the fish pie, fish cakes and the base of the Provencal fish stew. The MSC Eco label provides the consumer with an independent assurance of sustainability. The NZ Hoki fishery remains amongst the best managed and most sustainable fisheries in the world.

The MSC Eco label has proved a growing competitive advantage in export markets where consumers worry about over fishing and its ecological and social consequences. It has helped the Hoki fishery secure its position in these important, environmentally aware markets.