Sustainability is not posh or highbrow it is about everyday seafood choices.

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At Fish & Co the sustainable seafood cafe in Annandale we know where our fish comes from.  

Being sustainable is not about being posh or High brow it is about every day seafood choices With MSC certification for the Northern prawn fishery every BBQ in Australia can make the right choices for the future of our oceans  

MSC certifed Banana prawns from the Northern Prawn Fishery for Sustainable seafood day Fish & Co
Delicious, wild caught and certified sustainable from the Marine Stewardship Council


This is the perfect example of what sustainability means.
This partnership between the NPF and Marine stewardship council enables households in Australia and around the world to choose a simple affordable sustainable seafood option. This can be quickly grilled and served to the whole family.

We already know that they are delicious, now they are they are right choice for the future of our oceans.

This new Sustainability status for Australian Banana, Endeavour and Tiger prawns from the Northern Prawn fishery is not a political move; it is a practical step to ensure the long-term viability and profitability of the Australian prawn industry

The Northern Prawn fisheries partnership with the Marine Stewardship council comes at a time when consumer awareness of sustainable seafood issues around the world is growing

Fish & Co's Grilled banana prawns with chilli caramel dressing

Getting MSC certification for Tiger, Endeavour and Banana prawns is the key to making this iconic Australian product visible and exciting for the new consumer who is focused on provenance

At Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood café in Sydney, we have been creating some exciting new signature dishes that highlight the blue credentials of the Tiger prawns, Endeavour and Banana prawns from the Northern prawn fishery

Coming soon to the specials board at Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood Cafe, 41 Booth St Annandale, 2036
Tel 9660 5575

Grilled Banana prawns with chilli caramel
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