Tiger Prawns & Banana Prawns

Sourced from MSC certified Australian Northern Prawn Fishery – Austral Fisheries

The Northern Prawn fishery extends across Australia’s top end. Its eastern extremity lies at Cape York in Queensland and stretches west to Cape Londonderry in Western Australia. 52 vessels are licensed to operate in the MSC certified Northern Prawn Fishery, which covers approximately 880,000 square kilometres. Less than 12% of this area is fished.

Skull Island tiger prawns are the world’s first certified sustainable tropical prawn. They are only caught during the months of August to November each year, and only caught during the night to ensure minimal impact on bycatch. The remainder of the year is closed to fishing to ensure juvenile tiger prawns have ample time to grow into adults and reproduce.

Skull Island Tiger Prawns are now also completely carbon neutral, with Austral Fisheries being certified under the National Carbon Offset Standard.

The fishery has reduced fishing effort from 312 boats in the early 1980’s to the current efficient fleet of 52 boats. Bycatch has substantially reduced as a result, and continued efforts to redesign nets and change operational aspects to further reduce impacts continues.

Prawn stocks are maintained at healthy, sustainable levels with annual scientific sampling and surveys, as well as multi-year scientific review of the status of the fishery.

This equates to a very small footprint and a sustainable, efficient fishery that produces a high quality prawn.

Tiger Prawns & Banana Prawns from Fish & Co

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