Our NSW / VIC / QLD Fish

Our fresh Australian fish is sourced from the reputable fishmonger, Jules Crocker at Poulos Bros.

Jules has invested a significant amount of time, energy and funds into the seafood sustainability space. Some of the work he has undertaken has been researching individual fisheries, investigating species, developing and trialling his own certification with independent auditing and participating in existing programs such as the MSC. This is how we are able to provide 100% traceability assurance to our customers. All the seafood we source is wild caught, fast growing and under utilised species from a select group of commercial fisherman and fisheries that have been chosen for their consistent care-of-catch and sustainable fishing practices.

Our customers can know how the fish was caught, where it was caught, who caught it and know exactly what species it os eliminating any possibility of fish fraud.

Flathead – sandy bottom trawl, mainly from Shoalhaven & SA
Sea Mullet – beach seining, north of Newcastle, NSW
Silver Dory – mid-water trawl, Southern NSW
Mulloway – beach seining Taree, NSW
Blue Mackerel – gill net Ulladulla, NSW
King George Whiting – line caught, Port Lincoln, VIC
Mahi Mahi – line caught, Northern NSW & QLD
Yellow Tail Kingfish – jig caught, Eden, NSW
Gurnard – line caught, NSW
Sardines – gill net, Coffin Bay, SA

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