New Zealand Hoki MSC

MSC certified sustainable fish and chips at Fish & Co
Fish & Co Tom watches haul of Hoki from the Seal Lord
Fish & Co The Marlorough Sound
Fish & Co Hoki being Hauled in on the Sea Lord

Sourced from Sealord

Each year Sealord catches around 3.4% and the whole New Zealand commercial fishing industry catches around 10% of the adult Hoki population.
NZ Hoki are harvested by mid-water and bottom trawls off the West Coast of the South Island, on the Chatham Rise, the Campbell Plateau and in Cook Strait.
Scientists have calculated that more than 90% of New Zealand’s EEZ has never been bottom trawled (source
Most of New Zealand’s EEZ is deeper than 1,250 metres, there is very little bottom trawling below that depth. Bottom trawling involves netting marine species that are close to or touching the bottom of the sea. It can be divided into two methods, benthic and demersal trawling. Benthic trawling is towing a net at the very bottom of the ocean in the benthic zone. Demersal trawling, which is what Sealord, towing a net above the benthic zone.
New Zealand has large Benthic Protection Zones, which are similar to National Parks on land that are closed to bottom trawling and the seabed within these areas are largely in an untouched state.

The meat is delicate, succulent, and white with a medium flake when cooked. It responds well to direct heat such as grilling or frying. For this reason, at Fish & Co. we use MSC certified Hoki fillet for our award winning fish and chips.