Tom Kime & Bart Van Olphen

Stories and recipes from sustainable fisheries around the world, from Sydney-based chef and food adventurer Tom Kime.

Fish TalesPart cookbook, part picture travelogue, Fish Tales captures the adventures of English chef Tom Kime based in Sydney and Dutch fishmonger Bart van Olphen as they travel the world in search of sustainable fishing methods. From the wild salmon in the Yukon River in Alaska to our very own Coorong mullet and mulloway, this book tells the stories of the beautiful fish caught at these sustainable fisheries, the fishermen that work there and their ocean-friendly fishing methods.

“Communities that live by the sea and indigenous people have fished in this manner for millennia. They live by following the seasons, respecting breeding times and aquatic habitats, allowing fish time to mature and returning juveniles when they are caught. It’s only recently we seem to have forgotten how to respect the natural cycle of life.”

“Sustainability is not just a buzz word,” says Kime

Each chapter of Fish Tales tells the story of pioneering fisheries from all over the world which Tom visited and worked with. Combining his passion for food, fish and the environment, his travels saw him hauling cod and haddock in the freezing waters in Norway, gutting salmon in Alaska, harvesting clams from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and fishing for mullet and mulloway in the rugged fertile saltwater esturine region in the Coorong, South Australia.

Fishing in the Coorong with people like Garry Hera-Signh, a third-generation fisherman who was taught the ways of the water by his father and two grandfathers, Tom fished the lower lakes and Coorong the way fishermen had for more than 150 years, including methods passed down from the indigenous Ngarrindjeri people.

“There have been remarkably few changes over the generations,” says Hera-Signh.

“The methods have stayed the same. It’s only some of the materials that have changed. Wooden rowing boats with cotton nets have been upgraded, but that’s about it.”

Accompanying each travel adventure is a host of delicious recipes designed to make the most of the wild ocean flavours. Complete with tempting food photographs recipes include: spiced fish tagine with cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper; grilled salmon with herb lentils and salsa verde; salmon fish cakes made with herb crusted potatoes; stir-fried clams with Thai basil and chilli jam; mussel and fennel risotto; Turkish spice-grilled mackerel with lemon and bay leaves; caparccio of tuna with fennel seeds, chilli and lemon; Norwegian fish pie; and grilled mullet with oregano, garlic and chilli.


Tom Kime has worked at the River Café and with chefs, Rick Stein and David Thompson. It was under Thompson’s tutorage that he began his quest to discover the secrets of authentic Asian flavours, spices and recipes. He has presented three TV series and is currently filming a new 13-part series in New Zealand called Tom’s Kitchen, which will air in April 2010 on New Zealand Prime. He also appears regularly on ‘Saturday Kitchen’, Market Kitchen and ‘Ready Steady Cook in Australia

Tom is also the author of the World Gourmand award-winning book Exploring Taste and Flavour and Street Food. He writes regular articles and recipes for Olive and BBC Good Food magazines and his articles have also been published in the Sun Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living and the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney. He also wrote a regular column for Delicious Magazine throughout 2008. He lives in Sydney with his wife.

Photographs and text are available for extract. Tom is also available for interview from Sydney.


Fish Tales

Fish Tales from Tom KimeTom Kime & Bart Van Olphen

Stories and recipes from sustainable fisheries around the world, from Sydney-based chef and food adventurer Tom Kime.

World Gormand Award for Best SUstainable Book 2011


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