The importance of Seafood Sustainability

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At Fish & Co The Sustainable seafood Cafe in Annandale we believe it is vital that we look after our oceans and harvest the fish in a certified sustainable manner. We are using wild caught Spencer Gulf prawns from South Australia, which are in primary assessment from the Marine Stewardship council for their sustainability.  The spectacular Coorong yellow eye mullet also from South Australia should be a national hero. The fish is high in omega 3, delicious,simple to cook and fully certified as being sustainable from the MSC.
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In the last three months we have not just been running the restaurant and trying to serve consistently delicious sustainable seafood. I have been serving sustainable seafood in other far flung places as well. I cooked some Coorong yellow eye and Albacore tuna at an event for 600 people at the Star city Casino in Darwin with Wyndham estate wines. I cooked and demonstrated at the Hastings seafood festival in England. the Hastings fishery is the English fishery that features in my book Fish tales. it is a fishery that dates back to before the Norman conquest in 1066 and the boats are still launched from the beach, and they employ many traditional fishing methods.

I cooked a series of fish demonstrations at the International seafood and heath conference in Melbourne in November and was a guest speaker at the conference. We at Fish & Co had a stand along with the Marine stewardship council on the last day of Sydney International Food Festival. All the proceeds went to the Aid’s Trust. See our recent video.

At Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe we are holding a whole batch of cooking classes. There are seafood cooking classes for kids that we are holding in january. They are proving very popular. See the events calendar.

What better christmas present for your budding master chefs. Send them to us and we teach them how to prepare and cook delicious sustainable fish and seafood dishes. Spaces for the January program are filling up fast and spaces are limited.

At all of these events we are spreading the word of the importance of Seafood Sustainability. It is important to give a positive message, about what we can do and what fish we can eat. Unless we think about this properly, then our fish stocks will get more depleted.

There are many fisheries around the world that are striving forward to be certified as being sustainable. At fish & Co we believe in supporting these fisheries and spreading a positive and constructive message about what fish you can eat. We should be eating fish, but most important we should be supporting the sustainable harvesting of the fish. One of the fisherman that I interviewed said it very neatly.

If we look after the oceans and the marine environments then the fish will do the rest for us for nothing.

It is vital for the survival of our oceans and our love of fish and seafood that the environmentalist, fishermen and the consumers all work together.

Best wishes and kind regards from Tom Kime and all at Fish & Co. The sustainable seafood cafe.

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