Sustainable seafood is all the talk.

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As lovers of seafood we have become acutely aware of the fact that fish stocks are running out all over the world as confirmed in Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide, published by the Australian Marine Conservation Society and endorsed by Tim Winton, its patron.

The pocket-sized guide lists orange roughy as one of 16 wild-catch and farmed species to avoid buying. Southern bluefin tuna, eastern gemfish, flake or shark, redfish and swordfish also figure on its list of fish under pressure.

Winton writes in the guide’s foreword,

“It’s generally agreed that overfishing is the single biggest threat to our oceans. An incredible three-quarters of the world’s oceans are officially over-exploited or fished right up to their limit.”

We have generally met this with a shrug of the shoulder and continued to eat seafood as normal as we have had no idea that we actually have options.

So with that its great to see that sustainable fishing and fisheries have become a real viable option. With that we now see and hear more in the media.

One such was written by Helen Greenwood in SMH Entertainment – “Here’s the catch”

As supporters of Sustainable Seafood many of the fisheries mentioned are our suppliers here at Fish & Co

We look forward to delighting you while supporting a sustainable seafood future.

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