Beer battered fish and chips is the standout – SMH Spectrum.

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Well we have started the year with a bang at Fish & Co the sustainable seafood cafe. The Daily Telegraph put us in the top ten venues for fish and chips in Sydney this summer,

placing us at No. 4
The fish that we use for our fish and chips is the Marine stewardship council certified sustainably caught Hoki from New Zealand.

The SMH Spectrum magazine on January 23rd said that

Annandale had scored a good catch. -The teen verdict is thumbs up

SMH Spectrum

These are quality chips and Serving addictive chilli jam and excellent house made tartare sauce.

 SMH Spectrum
We have been billed as the place to come for kids who do not like fish

praising the Hoki “its not too fishy- I don’t like fish when it is too fishy.”

The chilli jam and tartare sauce are now available by the jar at Fish & Annandale at a price of $8.50.
You can now order them through the web site or pick them up from the restaurant. I have included a recipe for stir fried prawns and shellfish with chilli jam and Thai basil that you can try at home. If you wanted to swing by the restaurant and pick up some wild caught sustainable Spencer Gulf Prawns we could make up a small parcel with some chilli jam.
The spencer gulf prawns are soon to get full sustainable certification from the MSC

The dish is quick and easy to cook at home.
Best wishes and kind regards from Tom Kime and all at Fish & Co.  The sustainable seafood cafe in Annandale

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