Prawn To Be Wild

Aussies just love a prawn! Each year, we consume more prawns than any other seafood. We just love how damn delicious and healthy they are. But, did you know that not all prawns are created equal? [...]

Fish & Co at home

It’s certainly going to be a different Easter this year but we’re OPEN – Fish & Co at your home! We’re open all Easter long weekend 11am-8pm. Free, contactless home [...]

Get Wild – Buy Alaskan Salmon!

Find out why wild-caught Alaskan salmon is better than farmed, what's the nutritional difference, the best ways to prepare salmon and where to source true wild salmon.

Fish & Co. opening soon.

We are very pleased to announce that after five years of successful operation at the current Annandale premises, we will be moving to the Rozelle Tramsheds, opening at the end of November 2015.