Sustainability is the New Black

Partly as a result of the most successful Australia Sustainable Seafood Day hosted by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) on March 18th, sustainable seafood is the “it” topic on [...]

Fish Feedback

The feedback has been fantastic, with queues waiting for tables, and some customers establishing themselves quickly as regulars, returning the day after a dinner for take away. Others have been [...]

Fish & Co and the Sydney International Food Festival

The month of October in Sydney is a crazed culinary extravaganza with the Sydney International Food Festival.  At fish & co we will be holding a series of three special dinners on Wednesday [...]

Fish, wine and great coffee.

Are we licensed?  Can we BYO?  These are questions we have been debating over our morning coffee.  A coffee may I add, called La Verde that is locally roasted from Numero Uno, [...]