Prawn To Be Wild

Aussies just love a prawn! Each year, we consume more prawns than any other seafood. We just love how damn delicious and healthy they are. But, did you know that not all prawns are created equal? [...]

Large NZ Scampi/kg

Large, frozen NZ Scampi. A member of the clawed lobster family and easily recognised by its pink and orange banded shell. Scampi are a rare delicacy and highly sought after.It’s white meaty [...]

Cedar Grilling Wraps

Infuse your favourite foods with the aromatic smoky flavour of Cedar! Cedar Grilling wraps (18X20cm - 8 pack) are a unique way of infusing your food with a subtle hint of Cedar smoke, allowing [...]

Fish & Co at home

It’s certainly going to be a different Easter this year but we’re OPEN – Fish & Co at your home! We’re open all Easter long weekend 11am-8pm. Free, contactless home [...]