Fish & Co at home

It’s certainly going to be a different Easter this year but we’re OPEN – Fish & Co at your home! We’re open all Easter long weekend 11am-8pm. Free, contactless home [...]

Raw Banana Prawns (1kg frozen)

These wild caught prawns are snap frozen immediately after being caught. By using temperatures of –40 degrees the flavour and freshness is locked in. Unlike traditionally frozen foods, snap [...]

Cooked King Prawns 500g

These amazing wild King Prawns are sustainably caught North of Queensland. They're cooked and frozen at sea as quickly as possible to preserve the quality, freshness and flavour. By using [...]

Thai Green Curry Base

Gently warm the Thai curry base then add fish to poach in the sauce for approximately 5 mins or cooked chicken (if you're not a seafood lover) and heat, then serve. Serve with rice. Warning: [...]

Spiced Small Sardines 90g

“Petinga” sardines are a delicacy you can’t resist! Inside or outside the can, they value the best of company they can get. In the can we mix them with pickles, cloves, carrots and pepper, and [...]