Thunnus Alalunga

[two_third]There are various different species of Tuna, which vary in colour and size. Tuna is a meaty fish related to the Mackerel family, and is found throughout the world’s oceans. Albacore Tuna is one of the most sustainable varieties, and migrates throughout the Pacific ocean. It is available in Australian and New Zealand waters and yet it is not widely used in Australia.

Blue Fin and Yellow Fin Tuna grow to a huge size, many at 100+ kg. These great fish are close to the top of their food chain and take a long time to reach maturity before they are able to spawn. For this reason, as well as our hunger for everything Tuna related, both fresh and canned, their future sustainability is tenuous at least and verging on extremely threatened.

Albacore Tuna in contrast is a much smaller species of Tuna with a pale firm flesh. Many of the fish reach sizes of 15-30 kg and they are further down the food chain so their biomass is much higher and therefore less threatened. They also reach breeding maturity with in a few years, which means they have less exposure to mercury and other heavy metals. For these reasons and the methods of how it is fished, means that it is a much more sustainable option for those hungry for some seared Tuna.

The New Zealand Albacore Tuna fishery is in primary assessment from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It is expected to reach full MSC environmental certification for sustainability by mid 2011.

For more sustainable Albacore Tuna recipes read ‘Fish Tales- stories and recipes

from sustainable fisheries around the world’.

Available signed at the counter for $30[/two_third] TOM SAYS:
At Fish & Co. the Albacore Tuna is being served in many ways. Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean styles are all popular. One of our most popular dishes is Carpaccio with toasted fennel seeds, lemon zest and red chilli. Currently, Albacore Tuna loins are crusted with chermoula (a spicy North African spice mix with coriander and cumin seeds and roast red peppers).

We sear the Tuna and serve it with a jewelled pomegranate cous cous with roast almonds and cranberries. The Tuna meat is deliciously sweet and subtle and works very well with the spicy, salty and sour elements of Asian cooking to create the perfect balance of taste.[/one_third]