Sustainable, traceable seafood

We source wild caught fish from fishermen & fisheries that are 100% committed to sustainable fishing practises.

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Passionate chefs

Fish & Co. chefs will provide a memorable experience in sustainable seafood dining. Our dishes are prepared simply to let the quality of the seafood speak for itself.

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Seasonal produce

The menu is prepared to match the fish and produce in season for quality, lessened environmental impact and to support local fishermen and farmers.

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Sustainable stories

For too long we have accepted our food without a story when there are great stories to be told.

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6 days ago

A little off topic from trying to sell fish to y’all but oh so relevant at the moment. Meet my Aunty, Tracey. She lives in Gilmore with my uncle John and extended fam. Why am I talking about my aunt and uncle? Well, they have...

1 week ago

A quote from the wise Nemo to Dory, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”.......we will continue to do just that! 🐟Featured fish - one of many tinned fish products from .gourmet be...

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